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That's right! We're giving a privileged few the chance to have us produce a professional video commercial for their website at a deeply discounted price.
That's Right! We're Giving A Privileged Few The Chance To Have Us Produce A Professional Video Commercial For Their Website At A Deeply Discounted Price!
This is your only chance to have one of our pro spokespersons or human-like avatars in a video commercial to give your business website that personal touch and credibility it needs.

This along with our professionally-written scripts, music and backgrounds are also proven to help you easily promote whatever it is you're trying to sell!

We've already spent thousands of dollars hiring some of THE BEST pro spokespersons for this special offer and most of the spots have already been snatched up. Now it's your turn To get in while this unique offer is still on the table and it's a perfect compliment to your InboundLeads Pro monthly membership!

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Spokesperson of Your Choice
- You have the option to choose from a human or life-like avatar spokesperson for your video commercial!

Custom Voice-Over Script
- We will write a high-converting script custom-tailored for your business to generate leads and sales!

Your Choice of Video Background - You have the option to choose your business location as a background or we can choose one for you!

Your Choice To Add A Logo
- You have the option to add your business logo or we can create and add one for you!

Your Choice To Add A Call-To-Action - We will include a CTA at the end of your video commercial based on your needs!

We Upload Your Video or You Can Do It Yourself)
- We will upload your video commercial on YouTube, your website or anywhere you'd like or you can do it yourself!

And much more...
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Q: Will I have the option to choose the spokesperson I want for my video commercial?

A: Yes, absolutely! You'll have the option to choose from a wide-variety of human spokespersons as well as life-like avatar spokespersons if you'd like. We'll send you all of the details after you've completed your order.
Q: I'll need the actor I choose for my video commercial to mention my name / the name of my business, etc. Can they do that?

A: Well, yes and no. If you choos a human spokesperson from our list to do the voice-over for your video commercial, they won't be able to do that with what we're charging you for this special offer.

However if you choose an avatar spokesperson, we'll have a bit more flexibility with what we can have it say. And the best part is, we won't have to charge you extra for that!
Q: Is it true that I can add a picture of my business office location as a background in my video commercial?

A: Yes. All we'll need from you is a photo of your outer-office or office in high-definition. Once we have your photo in-hand, we'll insert it as the background for your video commercial.

NOTE: When taking this photo, the end result must be clear, bright and appear normal or as if someone visiting your office is actually standing
Q: Can you add my logo to my video commercial?

A: Yes. However to make your video commercial really stand out, we recommend you send us your logo on a transparent background so that the background of your video shows through.
Q: I want to generate leads / phone calls / sales from my video commercial, How can I do that?

A: Before we begin production for your video commercial, one of the questions we'll ask you first is what do you want the viewer to do after they have watched your video.

You'll than have the option to tell us what you want your viewers to do. This is known as the "call-to-action" or C-T-A for short.
Q: Can you upload my video commercial to YouTube / my website, etc for me when it's done?

A: While there's really nothing to uploading your video to YouTube (or any other video sharing site for that matter) yes, we'll happily do it for you. All we'll need from you are your login credentials for your website or YouTube to get started and an email to notify you when we're done.
Q: Besides InboundLeads Pro, can you also get my video commercial to the top of Google above my competition?

A: While we do provide a service where we help some of our clients successfully rank their videos at the top of YouTube for additional leads and traffic, this service is not included with this special offer.
Q: What is an avatar spokesperson?

A: Our avatar spokespersons actually look and move like real human beings except they're not. And with our advanced lip-sync technology and natural sounding text-to-speech, we can make these special avatars say anything you want (within reason of course).

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